A fantastic curry that turned out just like the one I had at a local Indian restaurant recently. It is a really full flavored curry thanks to the coconut milk which a lot of recipes I have seen often don’t use. I really like the moist chicken texture of this curry and the fact the rest of it is not all mushy like a stew. Not that I dislike stews or anything but sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the favour of something. Even if you do not have a lot of experience cooking Indian cuisine this curry is something that you will have no trouble at all with. If you are introducing your family to curries then just increase or decrease the amount of curry powder you use. Three tablespoons as this recipe calls for will make a HOT curry if you use a strong curry powder so keep that in mind. Serve with some nice saffron rice or alternatively dice some potatoes and mix those in with the curry itself. This recipe makes 4 to 6 serves of curry and is ready in just 45 minutes.

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