First, I would like to declare that no-bake desserts are absolutely the best kind there is. I’m also not saying that I don’t like the baked goodies. They’re also heavenly little things. But when the cravings come and you couldn’t wait for baking to get done, making instant desserts is just the best food fix ever. I know I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

Now, allow me to direct your attention to this yummy recipe. It’s a combination of chocolate (who doesn’t love them?) and cream cheese that you only placed in the chiller for a bit until you’re begin to feast on it. I’m telling you the itch from the craving goes away as soon as the cold and creamy cake touches your tongue. Have you ever thought of eating desserts any other way than this?

Desserts, whether baked or refrigerated, are meant to be enjoyed as soon as done. I don’t wait too long to enjoy sweets because I can sometimes taste how they lose their freshness when they stay too long untouched. I don’t ever want to waste that so I deeply recommend that desserts be served as soon as you get them or after baking. You’d be very grateful I said so.

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